Being an Independent Automobile Dealer and avid automobile enthusiasts. We're always Repairing, Rebuilding, Buying, Selling and Cross-Shopping just about every vehicle out there.  Since we incorporate sophisticated diagnostic tools and technologically advanced training. We accurately troubleshoot diagnostic repairs, while reducing the cost of Labor.  When you find yourself needing a Full Service Dealer you can trust.  Our Credible Experts are currently standing by waiting for you.  Whether you're in need of Auto Repairs or looking to Purchase a newer Automobile.  Keep us in mind !  We choose each and every vehicle we sell through passion and integrity. Our Passion helps us find attractive, clean, automobiles with a good history, reputation and value. Our Integrity as Business Owners have us inspecting our vehicles meticulously. Each vehicle we sell is safety checked, mechanically inspected, oil and filters are changed, lubed, cleaned and lastly the vehicle is detailed and offered for resale. In between everything we run a Carfax Report and accumulate as much information as we can to offer the next owner. With this being said, call us today for more information on the specific vehicle you're looking at. We have many payment options and guaranteed financing programs to fit our customers needs.  Thank you for visiting us.  508 Sport and Luxury, Inc.